Wednesday, 4 May 2011

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

When I initially bought this foundation I was unable to get it to work for me as it clung onto any dry patches. Now that my skin is in better condition and feels smooth I can wear this, so although its recommended for normal to dry skin types, I personally do not think this is the best option for those with dry skin unless you prep your skin well.
The foundation has a satin-finish with sheer to medium coverage. The finish looks natural and it gives a faint glow to the skin rather than a dewy look. The shade range is impressive, I feel like this caters for both the very pale and dark. I bought the lightest shade Siberia light 1 (£29.50).
Although it seems quite yellow toned, it applies more neutral once on the skin and is an extremely good match for me (other brand matches for me are Burberry trench 1 and Bobbi Brown Alabaster)
Swatched below with my MAC pro long wear NC15 on the left to show how pale the NARS one is.
I do not find this long wearing, by mid-day some of the coverage has faded. I can’t say for certain that this doesn’t cause my acne prone skin problems as I have noticed some skin issues after wearing this but it might well be a coincidence, at any rate I wouldn’t be happy to recommend this to those who are acne prone.
I have to mention that I was surprised that a pump was not included, its £3 to buy separately, I tend to think that a higher end brand should really include this in the product.

Overall I do like how this looks on the skin but its not the best for my skin type.

I bought this from SpaceNK


  1. Can't believe how dark the prolongwear looks here! That's the shade i use and i always thinki it's a touch too dark. I've ben on and off the idea of getting this foundation for months now and i just can't decide. I love YSL teint radiance for a 'glowy' foundation but what i want is something with the same effect but longer lasting and Sheer Glow doesn't seem to tick that box.

    Such a shame because the colour range is awesome... still can't make up my mind!! Haha.

  2. I really liked this foundation when I tried it but alas it was far too yellow for me ;-( I really wish they made a more neutral shade (or even a touch cool) as light as Siberia!

  3. I liked this foundation but bought it in the wrong shade and I have never braved getting a proper shade match at a counter! I may revisit it someday. Thanks for reminding me of this one as I might actually get opportunity for a shade match tomorrow or possibly Saturday.

    Sorry to hear about your hair. You know I can sympathise. I hope it grows on you or it grows quickly. I need to brave hair stuff soon, eek!
    Jane x

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  5. The lasting power would def be a problem for me, what's the point in foundation if it doesn't last? That's too bad!

  6. Great review lady and thanks for your honest opinion. It's funny hearing this because NARS (eye shadow/blush wise) is one of my favorite brands. I'm definitely going to steer clear of this foundation


  7. Hi Jo,
    The MAC one is too dark for me as well, but I really like how long lasting it is, I tend to have to apply it very sheerly and add a bit of a highlighter to blend it all in. I'm not sure the NARS one fits what you are looking for, I wonder if you could get a sample of it?

    Hi PerilouslyPale,
    I wonder if the redness of my skin took away some of the yellow tone. It is a shame that a lot of brands don't often more neutral tones, seems to be either too yellow or too pink! :)

    Hi Jane,
    What a shame about getting the wrong shade, I always wonder if it would be handy to have one of those lightening things you add to foundation like Armani, MUFE do.
    I hope the hair grows back fast, I do like the style, just not on me! x

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    It was a shame, as I have dry skin I would assume it would last even less on oily skin.

    Hi Christina,
    Thanks :) I do much prefer NARS for their colour products, I am eyeing up quite a few of their summer collcection items ;)

  8. I really like this shade but it looks to sheer for me, I don't think it would cover my large pores.

  9. I have read a lot about this foundation, but have never tried it on my face--only swatched it at the counter on my hand, but wasn't sure it would work out for my skin-type. I was surprised to hear that they charge extra for the pump. I agree that a high end brand should definitely include one with the product. Thanks for the review! :)

  10. Hi Skin Scrubs,
    My pores are really bad and I do need to apply a powder over this foundation if I want to blot them out! :)

    Hello Makeup Magpie,
    I seem to have used a load of it due to not having a pump as I don't seem able to be careful when tipping some out ;)


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